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We, Steve and Debbie as a couple, have always had a deep compassion for animals in need. We have dedicated our entire lives to the voiceless for decades , At Guardian for animals trust, we are dedicated to the welfare of animals. Together, we have tirelessly provided food, water, and medical care for numerous street dogs, cats, cows, and even horses that roam around the streets, skinny and malnourished, as they are not properly fed by their owners and end up eating newspapers on the roads. It is a pitiful sight to witness.

Guardian for Animals Trust

The Founders

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Steve and Debbie

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Our shelter is operational from Orgadam in Chennai, We are taking care of 130 dogs, most of them handicapped, blind, lame hit and run, and abandoned babies.

Food is being made for all the animals , twice a day . It costs 2000 /- per day to feed 130 dogs , 2 meals a day .They are in need of financial support and aid for daily sustenance of the shelter .Funds are required to build the damaged huts for these voiceless kids to protect them from heat and rain.

One of our primary initiatives involves sterilizing Approximately 25 to 30 dogs and cats each month, ensuring their well-being while actively addressing the issue of overpopulation. By doing so, we strive to prevent the suffering and challenges that female dogs face during mating season and the birthing process. Witnessing puppies roaming the streets, falling victim to road accidents or enduring life-altering injuries is disheartening. Similarly, we condemn the inhumane slaughter of innocent Animals, cruelly destined for the meat industry.

 In addition to our sterilization efforts, we intervene to provide the justice, care, and love that they deserve. We are committed to rescuing cows that have been subjected to mistreatment and exploitation. Often, these cows have endured unimaginable cruelty before being discarded once their usefulness diminishes. Our organization intervenes to provide them with the care and love they deserve. 

The expenses incurred in our work primarily go towards providing nourishment, transportation, and essential medical attention for these vulnerable animals. Our efforts are driven by a profound passion instilled in us from previous generations, carried on by our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue this noble mission, and we fervently believe that it will be carried forward by future generations with the blessings of the Almighty





Award From SP Of Vellore For Animal Welfare 

Award From SP Of Vellore For Animal Welfare 

Darpan niti aayog & awarded by Dhivya educational Charity trust as Star Women, category: As animal social services, welfare association

Featured in makkal vimarsanam Article

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Moral: “What goes around comes around.” Every act of charity and kindness, no matter how small or big, brings forth manifold blessings from our Creator. These blessings will extend not only to us but also to future generations. Together, let us embark on this journey, driven by our shared commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of these vulnerable loving creations of God.

Praise the Lord. 🙏